ADVICE – How to choose a DJ for your event besides the music knowledge and experience

The DJ you choose

1. Work with you on understanding your needs for you big day?

MNK DJ Services – In person, by phone, and with our online event planning. We want to understand your music style and type and work with you to create a program that will satisfy both you and your guests.

2. Flexible in changes and reasonable requests during the event?

MNK DJ Services – We can adapt in almost any request for change in the flow of the event, music, and we can add/change the songs and style at any time during the event if requested by the authorized person/s. We are not limited by a single playlist.

3. Clean Setup (no cables and wires hanging around, and ugly equipment facing you and your guests)?

MNK DJ Services – We love clean look. We use our own DJ stand covered in white fabric decorated with LED lights and covers all equipment and cables.

4.Visit the venue prior to the event to understand the location and any requirements that may needed.

MNK DJ Services – We always contact and visit the Venue. We need to understand the place, the logistics, the power requirements, and any limitations if exist.

5. Backup plan? Even if everything else is ignored or not important to you, you can’t have a party without music. Does the DJ have a backup plan?

MNK DJ Services – We have a parallel set of equipment connected and ready to go. In case one fails the other will take over. We take music seriously.

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